Needs and Potential

Needs and Potential

Human beings have four principle areas of need and potential. We have basic needs of the body and mind for food, shelter, psychological well-being and so on. We also have the potential to transform ourselves and the world around us. Very effective groups help their members to meet their basic needs automatically as they fulfill their potential.

(1) Belonging and contributing as individuals

We have the potential for belonging and contributing to groups and relationships that value and nourish us as individuals.

(2) Talent and cooperation

We have the potential for engaging according to our talents, and cooperating with others who have different talents, in order to meet our basic needs.

(3) Ideals and Values

We have the potential to live according to the personal, social, and universal ideals and values.

(4) Relationship with Krishna

We have the potential for making and maintaining our personal relationship with Krishna through our activity, knowledge, meditation and love.

A functional and effective sanga fulfills the needs and potential in its members and itself (because the sanga is also a personality in itself).